My name is Muhammad Idrees Muzaffar. I am a software developer from Ummar Abad Coloney Sopore (KASHMIR) I loves to write software to build great products and help businesses succeed with their goals. I appreciate good design and I am seeing it’s importance more then ever intodays apps, web sites and products.I am an aspiring entrepreneur who subscribes to the lean startup ideology and creator of “positive affirmations”, a app for Android. I have been working professionallyin software development since 2015 in the web and mobile spaces with experience across the finance, transport and media domains. I occasionally dabble in game development and music writing/producing.

Happy blogging!

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  1. Why does it matter that HTML and CSS are
    not programming languages?
    As I understand a programming language is
    something that can be used to solve a
    problem/perform an alogrithm. Then someone
    just said to me “I programmed a website using
    HTML, JavaScript, and CSS”, and my
    immediate reaction was HTML and CSS are
    not programming languages, then remembered
    the L in HTML means Language. But still it is
    “Markup Language”.
    So are CSS and HTML programming
    languages? I they are they can’t be in the
    same boat as languages like C, in C the order
    of instructions is crucial, but in CSS you can
    have rules and selectors in any order, and in
    HTML the order of the tags matter, so there
    must be some subclassifaction of languages,
    where CSS/HTML/similar are in one and C/
    Python/etc are in the other?


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